If your passion is diving, at Camping Village Capo D’Orso we organize courses and training for adults and children. Try the experience of discovering the underwater world in the deepest Mediteranean seabed, equipped with the most modern equipment, accompanied by veterans of the diving sector. You will be amazed by the marine flora and fauna of the coasts and islands of the Maddalena Archipelago !

  • Diving school
  • Courses and training for all levels and issue of patents
  • Diving for certified (all levels) in the Maddalena Archipelago, in the Costa Smeralda and in the south of Corsica.
  • Snorkeling trips to the Maddalena Archipelago, Costa Smeralda and southern Corsica.
  • Wakeboard and water skiing

Diving in Palau
The Camping Village Capo D’Orso is right in front of one of the most beautiful naturalistic seascapes of the entire Europe continent, La Maddalena’s Archipelago. This is without a doubt one of the favorite destinations of all diving lovers. In this area of the Costa Smeralda in fact, also known as the Mediterranean Sea Underwater Sanctuary , the crystal-clear water and the peculiar marine habitat, rich in fauna and flora , let you enjoy of incredible immersion experiences.
The ideal areas for diving are many, including the one between the Caprera’s Island , ideal for snorkeling and with a morphological conformation very similar to that of the Bonifacio ‘s Bouches, where the most desirable dives are the Spargiottello and Washington, characterized by varieties of backdrop and richness of wildlife (horns, barracuda and pelagic fish).
The Diving Center at the Camping Village Capo d’Orso will take you to discover the most beautiful diving spots in the “La Maddalena’s Archipelago.” Those who want to approach the underwater world for the first time can take diving courses for adults and children from the age of 8.

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