Sailing Courses for everybody

Discover at the Camping Village Capo D’Orso on the Emerald Coast, in Sardinia, the sailing courses for adults, boys, instructors and groups, in collaboration with the Levante Sailing School.

Throw yourself into a thrilling and adrenaline adventure at the Camping Village Capo D’Orso with the Levante’s Sailing School!

The ​​Sardinian sea is the ideal place to experience all the most famous water sports. A paradise for sailing lovers. With us at the Camping Village Capo D’Orso, you can take advantage of your leisure time during sea holidays in the amazing Costa Smeralda and start a fantastic journey to discover the world of sailing. The Wind House of the Levante Sailing School is the nautical base located inside the Camping Village where you can book and take lessons and courses -depending on your sailing experience level- with professional skippers and instructors. Palau, with its beautiful marine landscape, gives many emotions to all those who are passionate about the most varied aquatic disciplines. Try the thrill of riding wind and waves and learn the sailing techniques: it is much easier with our experts!

The Palau sea and the Maddalena’s Archipelago area, on the Sardinian Emerald Coast, in the shadow of the famous Bear Rock, is an exceptional location, between blue sky and turquoise waters, to let your sailing passion explode.

Sports and nature in the paradise on earth of the Camping Village Capo D’Orso in Costa Smeralda

The Levante Sailing School base is in an ideal position to experience sailing courses of various levels: dinghy, catamaran and sailing boat cruises.

The sheltered location of the Saline’s Gulf is also ideal for Beginners sailing courses, to get confident with wind and waves safely. Advanced sailing courses will, however, find the challenge even more eye-catching by widening the water exploration perimeter. In the Maddalena’s archipelago you can venture up to the most famous natural paradises such as the Spargi’s Island, Budelli, Porto Palma, Santo Stefano and many other wonders of this incredible region. Sailing courses on cruisers (dinghies and catamarans) can reach even more challenging perimeters, coming up to Caprera, to the north beyond Punta Sardegna, and for the most daring to Corsica, Bouches-du-Bonifacio, and Lavezzi’s island.

For more detailed informations please contact the Casa del Vento (Wind House) located inside the Camping Village Capo D’Orso or the info point of the structure.